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We care about your skin care.

Lotions, scrubs, Body Butter ... pampering can be overwhelming.
Although we will be adding products and updating this small guide, let's start with what we have and make it much easier:

It all starts with exfoliation. Our body scrubs remove dead skin (and bad moods), leaving you soft, smooth and ready for the rest of your body care routine.

Then get into the cleaning mood with our goat milk soaps with amazing scents. From floral to fresh, citrus to warm, you'll find the perfect wake-up call ... even if the alarm went off a little too early.

Now add some moisture to your skin with our body butter filled with super fluffy shea butter and hydrating vitamin E to keep you incredibly soft, plump and nourished. We have different fragrances for each moment, if you need to relax our Hello Beutiful body butter will be waiting for you to give you that relaxation session that you need so much, or if on the contrary you want to feel the delicious weapon of the tropical, our Pink flamingo is made to give you this touch of activity and freshness you need.

Are you thinking of an afternoon relaxing in the bathtub? Perfect! Light your favorite Pink Flamingo Candle, take a matching (or completely different!) Bubble bath (Think: bath bomb), and soak up your lather and good vibes.

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