Candles for a Romantic Atmosphere

Candles for a Romantic Atmosphere

Create a warm and romantic atmosphere IN THE LIGHT OF CANDLES ... We have it clear, if you want to achieve a romantic atmosphere you must put emphasis on lighting. A dinner, a few drinks or a bedroom ... by candlelight will be suggestive and sensual. To turn a room for daily use into a warm, cozy and romantic room ... decoration with CANDLES is an essential part for the delight of the senses, starting with sight (first suggestion) and following with smell (for which we will place some scented candles). Don't forget about other essential details like soft music and your favorite flowers or chocolates. Let him feel the effort you have made for this moment. Create an intimate atmosphere with soft, cozy lighting with CANDLES. You can put them on the table or around the entire room to highlight other points of light ... the play of light and shadow and the crackle of its flame, almost hypnotic, suggest the brain to let go.

Our recommended candles: 1.Hoy me siento Picante. SCENT NOTES: A light, fruity top note gives way to soothing summer floral notes on a background of vanilla musk and sweet sandalwood. This scent is smooth, seductive, and perfect for after hours.
2. Be Happy Be You ... SCENT NOTES: This warm and cozy fragrance creates the perfect comforting ambiance anytime of the year. The complexity of warm spices, rich cocoa butter, olive wood and a touch of coconut sweetness combines to create a truly relaxing fragrance.

 Candles for a Romantic Atmosphere

CANDLES for a romantic BATH.
The bathroom can also be a good place to place some candles that show romanticism. It is without a doubt the perfect space in the house to relax and let the romance flow. In that sense, it is essential that there is a dim light and let the candles take care of all the lighting in the room. To create a romantic bathroom at home, the ideal is to fill the bathtub and place some candles. You can complete the decoration with some rose petals floating in the hot water along with some floating candles. To give it more atmosphere, place some large candles in the corners or small ones around the room (that will depend on the space or size of the borders). If some of them are aromatic, the better !! Don't forget some relaxing background music.
SCENTED candles for romantic moments Be sure to choose a scent or fragrance that you know she likes. They can be special aromas like fruity, relaxing like lavender, floral.
Our recommendations:
1. Happy Candle "... Just blooms" SCENT NOTES: Sensual accords of mystical wisteria tenderly seduces your senses while classic notes of gentle rose romance your heart.
REMEMBER: any moment is good to surprise your partner, you don't have to wait for Valentine's Day, Father's Day or Mother's Day ... Romanticism is in the little details and moments !!

candle bath

Do not forget to place the candles away from textiles (towels, curtains and sheets) and from wood or flammable materials at a short distance. Find stable and safe places where they cannot tip over ... or place them in stable and safe containers !!

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