Autumn time is candle time. Change the scent of your home.

Autumn time is candle time. Change the scent of your home.

How beautiful is Autumn! It is true that we are leaving behind a season full of emotions that we love. However, autumn has a special magic that surrounds us.

I don't know if the same thing happens to you, but October is arriving and shooting up in me, the tremendous desire for comfortable environments, candles, blankets, quiet afternoons and "loving" clothes.

The station to place scented candles in some strategic corners of our living room and enjoy an extraordinary book while we caress our new knitted sweater. It is the season of colors, good news, strength and the most inspiring and welcoming fragrances.

But what scents really surround us in autumn? Intense fragrances with a warm and soft background, such as the coffee and vanilla contained in the “Autumn Leaves & Pumpkins please” candle. Perfect for a weekend full of movies on Netflix.

Autum Leaves & pumpkins please

Autumn in the Park 8oz

Fragrances that combine the fruity with the sweet that a cool autumn afternoon brings us, such as "Autumn in the park" on a Sunday in front of a lit fireplace, sipping wine with your group of friends while the firewood sizzles.

Dreamy scents like Be happy, Be you ... This warm and welcoming fragrance sets the mood. The complexity of warm spices, rich cocoa butter, olive wood and a hint of coconut sweetness combine to create a truly relaxing fragrance. A perfect mix between old book pages, old cover leather and sweet vanilla for a relaxing Friday night, reading the wonderful adventures of that strange character invented by some quirky writer.

Be Happy, Be you 8oz candleWhat aroma does autumn have for you?

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